The green fairy's return

In 1912, absinthe, the curious green spirit that had become synonymous with the bohemian lifestyle, was banned in the United States. Now it’s back and experiencing a revival here, as in many other countries. Absinthe is a truly unique beverage, distilled with a variety of botanicals including wormwood, anise, sweet fennel, and coriander to give it a complex flavor unlike anything else. The drink was notorious as a favorite repast for many of history’s artists and writers, including Van Gogh, Hemingway, Picasso, Baudelaire, and Oscar Wilde. Now you can be part of the experience of La Fee Verte at Nathalie’s. 


More than just a drink

In addition to our tremendous absinthe offerings, we are happy to bring to you a variety of specially crafted absinthe cocktails. From classics like the Sazerac and Hemingway’s favorite, Death in the Afternoon, to our own creations, like the Black Lotus, there is something for everyone.